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The bunnies like to be in their burrows, especially when the foxes are nearby, but how are they going to get there? Jump in and see how it is done!

This is a puzzle game with 60 challenges that get progressively more difficult. In this game, the bunnies have to bounce around the board – the only way that they can move, and navigate around the obstacles to reach home. With puzzles that start with just two moves to ones with up to 90 moves to complete them, this is a game that the whole family could enjoy, but we are sure that the children will be better at it than anyone else!

The rabbits and foxes are beautifully made with a compact board that fits into a travel case so that it is easy to take with you. We loved the puzzles and found them easy to get started but with lots of thinking involved. A great game to get children involved.

  • The bunnies and foxes are really cute
  • They sit in a great travel box so you can take the game with you
  • The challenges are not too hard to get started
  • They will be able to show off to the adults who will never keep up

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