Jungle Bingo

The amazing animal jungle – bingo!


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Jungle Bingo – can you collect all the animals?

This beautifully illustrated version of the classic game features a whole host of new and fascinating animals including a gorgeous blue bird-of-paradise, a three-banded armadillo and even the poisonous automeris moth caterpillar. There are seven player cards so the whole family can join in, with a caller’s card and a cute animal head to store all the pieces as you pick them out.

Start by looking at the pictures of the animals and matching them to your card to make a line or a full house. As children get to know and love the game, try just naming the animals to see if they can remember what they look like. A great way of introducing the wonderful diversity of the jungle into a game with pictures that you will love finding on your bingo cards.

We love the quality of this game – really well put together.

  • The rules are simple to learn
  • The animals are fascinating and beautifully illustrated
  • The whole family can play together

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