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The linkages building kit is a great way to explore machines and how they move.

Many of you will have seen our clever wooden automata – clever machines that you build and make work by putting the mechanism together. However, all these kits started as an idea and this kit allow you to have your own ideas…

Linkages are the parts of machines that push and pull things – essential to make movement. This kit has everything you need to build a moving machine, with an excellent book that gives you step by step instructions and several different mechanisms that could be constructed. What is missing is the idea – you can add in balls, feathers, pipe cleaners, whatever you have available to make the movement make sense by giving it context.

An excellent design started pack for children  who are fascinated by how things work.

  • The equipment is everything you need to make your own design
  • The possibilities are endless – you can make anything you want
  • The ideas in the book are really useful

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