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Little Action – a game of skill and challenge that will delight the whole family.

This pack from Djeco is full of ideas and games to play. Strong, thick cards give you a challenge to complete, each using the extremely cute animals that come with it. It might be to balance one of them on another, or to throw and catch one with one hand or to pass the animal behind your back three times. This is not a competition – you are playing against yourself to see if you can complete the actions. And if you can, there are little reward medals to be handed out.

This is a clever idea well executed. The box is full of ideas, and of course you and the children can add more. The animals are just the right size for children’s hands and give just enough of a challenge to make the reward worth while. This is a game that will be played with many times in many different ways. You may also find that the children are better than some of the adults at some of the tasks!

  • The animals are cute and fun to play with
  • The challenges are just difficult enough
  • The reward tokens are great fun

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