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The magic drawing board will take us all back to our childhoods – and introduce something wonderful to theirs!

This is a wonderful new take on a very old idea. Presented as a lovely wooden elephant, children can draw, draw and draw again with this toy – just push the button left and right and everything will disappear and you can start again. However, there are also wooden shapes to play with – four shapes can be stamped onto the board or even swirled around to make your own patterns. Their art work will appear in four different colours – each quarter of the board has a different colour hidden behind it.

We loved how sturdy and well presented this toy was – great shapes can be made and the adults will enjoy using the stamps to make up their own patterns. As you get more skilled at the drawing, create something that they have to do from memory – just snap a photo of the original, clear the screen and then see what they can remember. Even better if they do the same to you – they may be more accurate!

This is a well designed and special gift – one of our favourites.

  • The can draw whatever they want
  • There is no getting it wrong – they can do it again and again
  • The stamps make lovely patterns

This video will give you more of an idea:

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