Magical Creatures and Mythical Beasts

The mythical world brought to life…


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Product Recommended age: 8 Plus


Immerse yourself in a world of magical creatures and mythical beasts – there is so much to explore.

Travel the glove, visiting its natural and man-made wonders, on the trail of more that 30 mythical easts. See the Loch Ness monster on a stormy night, discover Pegasus at the Parthenon , find unicorns in the Harz Mountains and seek out dragons at the Great Wall of China.

Packed with history and mythology, this book comes with a special UV torch that will reveal hidden creatures – you will need to search and hunt them down. Perfect for someone who believes in the magic of the world.

  • There is an amazing journey to go on
  • The torch adds a lovely level of discovery
  • They can plan their own journey

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