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A classic from so many childhoods, the ballerina box brings back so many memories. How about building it yourself and making it work? A new challenge…

This make a music box kit is delightful – a clever construction kit that will get everyone involved and with a amazing end product. Just press the laser cut wooden pieces out from the boards and slot them together to make the main structure. The motor is added, which plays the tune and makes the moving parts come to live – just wind it up and watch it turn! There are lots of decorations to add, all using wood glue that is provided in the kit, and piece by piece, the music box comes together.

Please note – this product is specified for 14 – this is because there are wooden pieces to push out from the laser cut pieces. This means that younger children will need some supervising, as there could be a small chance that you could get a splinter. However, we feel that children from 8 with some adult help will find this a great challenge and want to have a go.

We love the usefulness of this box – the perfect place for all your treasures.

  • The movement and music work so well together
  • They can see just how the music box is put together
  • They can be really proud of what they have made!

Here is a great video of the ballerina box:

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1 review for Make a Music Box – Ballerina Box

  1. emmalouisesmith21 (verified owner)

    We have made the Ocean Park music box from the same producer and were very pleased with the end result so when my daughter had a music box on her wish list for Christmas, I knew we wouldn’t be disappointed with this one. Good instructions as always, has fun bright colours and plays a lovely tune. Would recommend.

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