Make and Move Dinosaurs

Make a tribe of moving monsters!


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Make and Move Dinosaurs is your gateway to their incredible kingdom – dare you enter?

If dinosaurs have fascinated you since you were tiny, here is a great way to develop your interests further with this set of five terrifying dinosaurs to make for yourself. Featuring the apatosaurus, triceratops, pterandon, stegosaurus and of course the T-Rex, each of these models is created in paper with no glue of scissors required. Press, fold and slot together the models to create them and them make them come to life as you make the models move.

This is a great making set for someone with some experience of paper engineering – the instructions are great and whilst you have to manipulate the paper to get the folds right, they move in beautiful and creative ways. There are five models to make and they are quite large when you have finished – up to 44cm long! We love the illustration style – friendly and deadly at the same time!

  • Each model will move when you have finished making it
  • The creatures are wonderfully strange
  • The models are all different, so there is lots to do!

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