Make New Friends

A whole crowd of faces to create…


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Make New Friends – a whole row of faces, everyone different!

This is a sticker set with lots of fun. There are 16 faces to decorate, with 150 removeable stickers. There are noses, teeth, eye brows, and smiles, but who is who and how are they feeling today. Once created, the whole set becomes a 4 metre garland of faces, and the cotton rope is included so you can hang up your work and decorate the house.

There are so many alternatives here – they have covered genders, ethnicity and age really well and no two faces will ever be the same. Children can change their minds and move the stickers around, but it is a great way to discuss all the features and design their own new friends. Give each one a name and a back story and you have an activity that will get everyone talking.

Beautiful designs and lots to do.

  • There is no right or wrong here
  • They can make lots of decisions with the stickers
  • The garland looks great when finished

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