Engenius Perpetual Motion Marble Run

Marvel at the perpetual motion!


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This marble run is an ‘Engenius Contraption’! Winner of Toy of the Year 2019!

Beautifully laser cut pieces are slotted together to make this fascinating marble run that comes with it’s own motor and will therefore make a perpetual motion. No glue is required in the whole process – just push the pieces out of the templates and follow the pictures to slot them together. It takes about two hours to make and when complete will have black and white marbles moving smoothly through the mechanism, transfixing everyone who watches.

This is a really clever machine – simple to build and recommended for 10 , or 7 if they are working with someone older to help them. A great build!

  • The perpetual movement is mesmerising
  • The instructions are really clear
  • The end product will delight the whole family

Here is a video of the working machine:


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