Mechanical Walking Machine

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The Mechanical Walking Machine is a wonderful build, made entirely from paper and card but no glue. Build an automaton that will come to life!

Here is a strange Victorian gentleman perched on top of a walking machine – turn the handle to see him move his legs and operate the machine – but watch out for the boxing gloves on the front, designed to nudge a pedestrian if they get too close!

The Totally Glueless range is exactly that – glueless. The paper is folded and linked together in such a way as to ensure that everything moves with no glue required! Once build, the ingenious contraption really moves!

We love the design of these – slightly steampunk in nature and with little details that bring the product to life and add character. Not the easiest model to make, but the end product is delightful.

  • There is no glue to worry about
  • The movement is great fun
  • There are great instructions and a good challenge

This video shows the model working:

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