Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine

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If you have a tune in your head, let the Mechanical Xylofun Music Machine bring it to life!

This clever construction kit is a really interesting project. Start by slotting the MDF pieces together – there is no glue required, just some clever elastic bands that hold the whole machine together. The instructions are really clear with detailed diagrams, and the book contains some well known tunes. Once built, just line up the pegs with the numbers to activate the hammers on the metal xylophone and you can play your tune.

Once you have the hang of it, you can also design your own tunes, make harmonies or copy a well known tune that you love. It’s a great fun build and an excellent way of exploring music notation in a fun way. There are endless possibilities!

  • The kit is great to build, with clear instructions
  • The tunes are easy to programme
  • You can create your own tunes

Here’s a video we made to show you more…

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