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Meow Balancing Game – a cute cat, with a bit of thing for a ball of wool!

This beautiful wooden game is all about skill and dexterity. The pussycat has arched his back in play and is easy to tip over. However, he wants to play with as many balls as possible. There are 10 small and 5 large balls to balance, each with lovely colours. Can you get them all on at once?

A classic game with a new twist – this is a beautiful toy that is more difficult than it looks. Take it in turns to place a ball on top and see who falls over first, set a rule that a ball can not touch another one of the same colour, or try and do whilst dancing to music – however you play, the person with the steadiest hand is going to make our cat the happiest.

  • There are so many ways to balance the balls
  • The cat is very cute
  • They can count the balls that they have managed to stack

This short video shows the game in action:

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