Mischief Maker’s Handbook

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The Mischief Maker’s Handbook – perfect for every child to plan their revenge!

This book is full of experiments, fun and slightly naughty practical jokes that you can play on friends, family and even teachers! With really clear instructions, using thing from around the house, you will be able to try out ideas and perfect them before setting them loose. Its chapters include: Make a Fake, Flying Things and Flinging Things, Sneaky Science, Noisy Toys, Busy Bodies, Mad Magic and Champion Challenges. From turning your body into an orchestra, to making invisible ink and rubber band catapults, it’s all covered in this comprehensive guide.

We love the clear instructions and fun tips that are provided throughout – really practical and great fun. You may wish to read it before giving it to them so that you are prepared, but that may spoil the fun!

  • They can make their own mischief!
  • Everything is so well explained
  • There are some ideas that they will never have thought of before

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