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Monster Hotel – a place you definitely want to stay at!

This wonderfully illustrated set of cards is all about story telling. Each room is full of monsters doing what they do best – having fun. They are playing bowling, enjoying the restaurants and hanging out with their friends – there is so much to notice in every picture. There is also a way  in and out of each room – through a hole in the floor, and you will see that every room has a monster either arriving or leaving.

There are so many ways to use these fantastic cards. Lay them out so that each room has a corresponding monster arriving, tell the story of each room and explain how they feel about what is happening in the one next door, play spotting games – can you find a room with exactly 11 feet in it? Each room has a description, writen as a hotel review – see if you can spot the room from these words, or just a few clues.

We love the imagination in the pictures – they are wonderful to describe and share and we think that there may be more rooms in this hotel that you could draw for yourself…

  • Every picture is full of monsters
  • There are so many things to spot and talk about
  • The story telling potential is endless

Here is our video showing how to use these cards:

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