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My Fairy Library – a world you can make into a magical place where books are your best friends.

This is a magical set of books to create. Open up the library to reveal a fairy glade full of trees and flowers and of course, book shelves. There are 20 books to make. All you need to do is to cut the pages out and fold them together to form a book inside the book jacket. 12 of the books are ones you can read and treasure, including a guide to Fairyland and the Fairy and the Two Sisters – magical tales told in miniature books. The rest of the books are there to contain your stories – right and draw in miniature to make your own fairy library.

We adore the illustration and quality of the materials in this kit – a beautiful project that you will come back to time and again. The books you make yourself will be particularly precious and could lead to who knows where – look at the Brontë sisters!

A really special present.

  • There are so many stories to discover
  • They can make their own books
  • There are new stories to be created

This short video will give you a little more information:

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