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Create your very own library – in miniature! My miniature library is stunning!

This wonderful kit has so much to do! With a library of 30 titles to create, each book is cut and folded from the papers provided and then stored in its jacket. You create the bookcase and then present it against the very tasteful wallpaper – the start of a miniature home.

The books are fantastic – with classic stories and reference books, there are also blank templates so that you can write and create your own titles. We are thinking of the Bronte sisters here – what a great way to get your first stories into print!

We loved the detail in this product, so much care has been taken to make the books and the covers. Wonderful for a child who loves to own and cherish books.

  • They can create their own titles and publish their stories
  • They can lend their books out of the library (and impose fines for late returns!)
  • The books are full of wonderful stories


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