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Ocean Bingo will have you swimming in a sea of wonderful creatures – but who will be the first person to get a full house?

Including the emperor penguin, sea otter, killer whale, and Pacific seahorse as well as lesser known sea inhabitants like the yellow-bellied sea snake and the bioluminescent octopus, Ocean Bingo is the latest set from Laurence King. Illustrated by Holly Exley, each of the cards has a stunning picture of a creature from the deep and with an information book full of fascinating facts and information, this is a great family game for everyone, especially those who love the seaside!

With a large callers card and 12 bingo cards, everyone will want to join in and be the first to swim away with the prize.

  • Everyone can play together
  • The creatures are beautiful, if a little strange
  • The rules are classic – everyone loves them!

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