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Orpheus – the saddest robot in the world?

This is the Orpheus music box – part of the Steampunk range from Robotime and a firm favourite at Whirligig.

Is he sad? Well, if you remember your school stories, Orpheus was not allowed to turn to look behind him to save Eurydice. This amazing robot captures this sadness, with a wonderful moving dial in his head, a light where his broken heart should be, and of course the song he is singing, ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You’.

We really enjoyed this construction kit. 221 laser cut pieces of wood that are so well engineered will slot together and build this model, with great instructions and clear pictures. This is a great project to build, recommended for someone who has done some construction before and suggested at 14+, although we have had feedback from younger makers who have also successfully completed the model. Wind up your robot and set him sing his sad song.

Enjoy your build!

  • The robot looks amazing when built
  • The instructions are really clear
  • You can pose him in many different positions

Click on this video so see a slightly sad Orpheus in operation:

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