Parrot On A Perch

Bend and fold to make a new friend!


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If you always wanted your own parrot on a perch, but were always told that you weren’t allowed to have one, now is the time!

Parrot on a perch is in fact entirely made from paper – this means that he won’t screech or make a large noise, or even leave little messages of love on the floor of the cage. You can of course make your own sounds to bring him to life. Just bend and fold the pieces and slot them together – there is no cutting out or glue required, just a little patience to build a whole new friend.

We love the vibrant colours of this easy to make model. There is an instruction sheet and a fun activity all about parrots in the pack as well. A great project to make that doesn’t require too much work!

  • There are no difficult parts to cut out
  • The colours are really vibrant
  • He is a new friend to liven up any bedroom

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