Party Dress Mosaics

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Create your own Party Dress Mosaics and develop your eye for colour!

This set of four Party Dress Mosaics from Djeco has so many great colours to choose from. There are four mosaics to create, each showing a mermaid in a different situation. Each picture has clear, numbered spaces on it which relate to the mosaic tiles. These are glittering foam tiles to peel and stick – there is no glue required, just peel off and place. You can follow the numbers, or do your own design – up to you!

This is a lovely activity as it gives a real success whilst at the same time giving lots of choice and a dexterity challenge. The pictures look amazing with their glittering finish and the mermaids all seem to be having a great time!

  • The can peel and stick wherever they choose
  • There is no difficult glue to worry about
  • The colours are amazing!

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