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The penguins are all having a get together – but can they all fit on the ice at the same time? Penguins on ice – tricky!

This game will really get them thinking. With 80 challenge levels to work through, from easy to expert, your job is to fit the penguin pieces into the grid. There are only five pieces to fit – sounds easy…but, each piece can change its shape by sliding parts of the tile around. This means that every challenge is different – to start with you are given help in deciding what shapes to use, but as the levels progress, you are more and more on your own.

Penguins do not like being left out – can you put them all together. With really simple instructions and levels that are easy to achieve at the start, this game builds and builds. We loved the solid pieces and the cute penguins.

A great game for someone who loves to solve a problem, or just loves penguins!

  • The penguins are adorable
  • The challenges look really easy to solve but need some serious thinking
  • Adults won’t be able to solve the problems – they can show off!
  • The pieces are so well made

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