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Put on your own production – be inspired by a box full of ideas with great tips on how to stage your own show.


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If you have a budding actor at home, this might be just what you need to stretch them and give then the inspiration required to explore the world of characters, situations and get them started in making their own plays. Start with Play In A Box.

Created by the National Theatre, this is a box of ideas. There are 30 character cards, each the enough information to think about how they might react in different circumstances, 8 setting cards that will put them in new places each time, and a plot twist book to take them right out of their comfort zones and needing to resolve an issue or discover a way to interact with the other characters. There are even tickets for the opening night and a template for a programme.

We loved the stagecraft handbook. This pulls the whole piece together, exploring costume ideas, set design, lighting and sound – everything that is needed for a perfect production. Great for a child who loves to tell a story and wants to perform for their audience and a great project for a short holiday away.

  • There are so many different ideas to play with
  • The can get great tips on making their play work
  • There are great characters to play with

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