Prehistoric Creatures Of The Order

A whole new way to look at the dinosaurs…


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Prehistoric Creatures Of The Order – there is beauty in order and a new way to explore the wonderful dinosaurs that once ruled the world.

Did you know that the world’s oceans were once ruled by creatures more than twice the size of a great white shark? Or than woolly mammoths roamed the land only 10,000 years ago? This astonishing book groups together prehistoric animals in the same taxonomic order in a way that lets you explore and understand how their world was organised. Learn about the Temnospondyli group who lived in the early Carboniferous and early Cretaceous period and the Plesiosauria group who are from the late Triassic period. Each spread features intricate illustrations of the prehistoric creatures in the order, with short and informative snippets of information that show why they belong.

Completely fascinating – we got lost in this for hours loved the illustrations that are so well drawn. A new way to look at the dinosaurs and discover new ones that we have never heard of. Beautiful!

  • There are so many wonderful illustrations
  • Each order is so different and you can really understand why the prehistoric animals are included
  • They can investigate other creatures that could be included in the book and add to it

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