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Be the rainforest explorer and discover the secrets of this amazing ecosystem.

The rainforest is such a wonderful place to explore – stunning animals, beautiful scenery and such a variety of things to discover. This wonderful book guides you through the journey, introducing different locations, the animals who live there and showing why they are ideally suited to this habitat. Once you have found them all, then you can create your own version. The book comes with 8 different animals to build including a caiman, a coati and jaguar and a parrot. All the pieces just slot together – there is no difficult cutting out to do. You also receive a diorama so that you can show them in their natural worlds.

Perfect for a child who is interested in our world and the wonderful creatures who live there with an activity to bring the book to life.

  • There are amazing animals to discover
  • They can build their own diorama
  • They can investigate which other animals would live there as well

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