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How will Little Red Riding Hood get home? Will the wolf be there waiting for her?

Based on the traditional story, this is a challenge game that will really make children think. The pack comes with a beautifully illustrated book that tells the story in pictures and then a board that has lovely rubber pieces to move around. The challenge book gives you puzzles to solve – you need to find the right pieces of road so that she can get back to Grandma’s house.

There are 48 challenges to solve, including night time challenges which involve the wolf getting to Grandma’s house as well!

Recommended for 4-7 years, this is a great game that brings the much loved story to life with the challenge element as well. We loved the quality of the pieces to play with and the instructions – really clear and easy to get started.

  • The game board is a great toy to play with
  • The challenges are not too hard to get started
  • The story book is great fun and they can tell their own version
  • The game brings the story to life

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