Robot Rampage

Who can be the first to shoot the robots through the gap in space?


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Robot Rampage!! Can you protect yourself from a swarm of rampaging robots? Time to find out!

There is a gap in time and space – well in this case it is a very small gap on a wooden board and your job is to be the first to shoot your robots through it.

This is a two player wooden game. All you need to do is to ping the elastic bungy cord and shoot them through the gap in the middle. At the same time, your opponent is doing the same thing – the first one to get them all through is the winner.

This simple game is a firm favourite – and yes, children are always better at it then the adults! The box contains a wooden board that is hinged to form a playing case and 12 wooden robot counters.

Take aim and fire!

  • It’s a fast paced game with no rules to learn
  • The faster you aim, the faster you win
  • They always win!

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