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This robotic dinosaur will walk and roar – all controlled by a clap of your hand.

This is a wonderful construction kit. All the pieces are laser cut and will slot together – there is no need for glue or any cutting out. Simply follow the detailed instructions to construct the dinosaur – this will take around 4 hours, but you don’t have to do it all at once. There are 85 pieces to attach and the dinosaur will stand approximately 31cm high. One of the pieces is a very clever piece of technology – a sound controlled motor. When finished, clap once and the dinosaur will move forward. Clap twice and it will turn right and clap three times and it will turn left.

We loved building this kit – the end product is so much fun to play with and the cat loved watching it walk!

Definitely for someone who has done some building before as it takes a while to put together, but a great result.

  • The instructions are really detailed and well put together
  • The movement and controls are great fun
  • The dinosaur looks amazing when it is decorated and painted

Here is a short video to give you an idea:

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