Rocket Construction

Up, up and away!


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Your rocket construction set is ready to reach for the stars!

But, where is it taking you to and which rocket will be the best one to travel in? Mix and match the pieces in this set to build the best rocket for your journey and then off you go!

This is a delightful set of construction designed for the very young to get those fingers working. With a central pole, the pieces will go together in any combination or you can match the colours and add in the tail fins. Once completed, there is a set of 3 rockets, and then you can start building again!

These products are made from rubber wood, a sustainable wood from Indonesia that is beautifully painted, and really hard to chip, so not only are the products made sustainably, they will also last and last!

We love this activity – it never gets old!

  • The rockets can be put together anyway you like
  • The details are great – really look like rockets
  • They can go to the moon!

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