Roller Coaster

Get ready, aim and fire!

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This roller coaster is all about the aim!

This is a great new construction kit. Simple laser cut pieces are slotted together, with clever elastic bands to hold them in place so that there is no glue or drying required. Once build, the contraption will allow you to insert a marble, and wind it through the mechanism. There are more marbles on the deck – your job is to aim and fire at them as the marble comes down the track and see if you can push them into the pockets.

You are in fact building an automated snooker table! Each player takes it in turns to load up their marbles and shoot at the others on the table. Once build, this is then a great game that can played time and time again.

We loved the quality of the build and the instructions – it took about an hour to build and was a simple idea well put together. The play is also great fun, although the children were much better at it than we were!

  • The build is quite simple but really well explained
  • The game is fast and furious
  • There are so many different ways to win!

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