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Build a working Roman Onager – a powerful weapon widely used by Roman soldiers in their battles across Europe to lay siege to city walls and fortifications in their territories. The name comes from the Latin for ‘wild ass’ as when it launches the payload, it would have had a strong recoil kick a bit like a donkey.

This fully working wooden model comes ready to build. Excellent instructions and all the materials you need are included, with all the pieces pre-cut so that they are ready to go. The parts are pegged together for extra strength. Once created, this machine can fire wooden projectiles over 3 metres away.

Discover how the machine works and really understand why the Romans were in just such a good position to weald their power.

Please note, the box states the age is 14+, as it is a fully working model. Therefore, younger children will require some supervision and we recommend that the building age is 8+.

  • It really works
  • The model is easy to build, with clear instructions
  • They can plan their attack!

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