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Sapiens Human History – the whole of history in one family?

Families have existed for ever – in pre-historic times, Ancient Egypt, Imperial China and even in the future. This is a new take on a traditional ‘happy families’ game, but with some of the most interesting families ever. The stunning set of 42 cards features seven families – choose the one you want to collect and ask around until you work out who is holding which cards and then swap cards until one of you has the whole set.

Each of the cards features an important aspect of historical knowledge, but presented in a fun and engaging way that will make them want to know more about each era. The game comes in a really sturdy box, which opens out to reveal a historical scene, along with game rules and a cloth bag to keep all the cards safe if you are out and about.

We love the designs fo the cards – a great new version of a classic game.

  • Anyone can win
  • They will see inside human history
  • They can take the game anywhere

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