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Shooting Stars – slip and slide your way to success!

This is one of our logic games from Smart Games. It look so simple – there are just four blocks to position for each of the 80 challenges. However, inside each of the blocks are colourful stars, and these stars can change their colours from yellow, to green, to blue and to red as you turn them over and upside down – there are counters that will slide into place, and gravity will do its job and you can’t stop them.

Your challenge is to replicate the pattern of blocks shown in the picture, with the correct colours shown in the correct spaces. The tower also has to be able to stand up on its own without falling down. You will need to try all sorts of different combinations and slide the colours around so that they all fit together. But, just to make things a little more difficult, the blocks have moving colour spaces on both sides, and not all the colours are available in each space.

A great challenge for one person or a family together. The game comes with a guarantee that if you ever loose a piece, the company will replace them free of change, as you need all the pieces to play the game.

A really different challenge that will get everyone thinking!

  • They can try out all 80 challenges
  • The colours will move just when you don’t want them to
  • They can challenge the grown ups to keep up

Here is a video showing the game in action:

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