Small Peg Animal Mosaic

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The small peg animal mosaic kit is a great dexterity challenge.

Picking up little pieces and finding where they go takes lots of attention and when they have done it, children are ever so pleased with themselves. This set has 230 pegs, slightly smaller than the other kit of a similar design, so great for someone who is moving on to more complex skills. Follow the pictures to create the designs or use your own design skills and make up a combination that you like the look of. There are 8 designs included, with holes that are slightly closer together.

When complete, tip them out and try another design. If they get really good at it, see if they can follow your instructions – tell them where to put them without the picture – they will need to pick up the right colours and follow your directions to put them at the top, bottom, in the middle etc.

Bright and friendly pictures with lots to do.

  • There are eight pictures to create
  • The pieces are easy to pick up
  • There is no glue required – they can play again and again

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