Smart Car Logic Game

A puzzle race car


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This car zooms – but is it ready to go? Are all the pieces in the right places? Smart car is a great challenge.

Smart Car is all about space and shape. With a speedy car body and sturdy wooden blocks that will fit into the back, your job is to align them so that they look like the pictures in the book. To start with, the pictures give step by step instructions on how to build them, but as they get more difficult, you are asked to match them just from the picture and eventually to work out which pieces are missing from the picture. It is all about having a go, getting it wrong and trying again. Once again, children will do this better than the adults!

This is amazing puzzle game with 96 different challenges. The clever part is that it has a book of challenges for 4 and another for 7 , so great for a family present with children of different ages. The car is a great toy in itself, but when you start to work through the challenges, the game takes on a whole new meaning and will really get children thinking about what they are trying to do.

We loved the quality of the car and the wooden blocks – great fun to play and even more interesting to watch the children solving the challenges.

  • The car and the blocks are just fun to play with on their own
  • Everyone can join in the puzzle – the first ones are easy to do
  • The challenges build up slowly and get more difficult as they go
  • The car moves really well

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