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Smart Circuits – a great way to explore electronics.

If you love wires and what they lead to, then this is definitely the kit for you! This has 50 electronic projects to build. The kit contains a microprocessor to control the logic of the devices you are going to build. The rest of the kit is full of modular boards which are combined with a range of switches, resistors and connection wires.

The projects are really fun to build and not too difficult, with excellent instructions. We particularly liked the idea of building the speed sensor game, the electronic drum kit and the motion sensing room alarm. There are so many different ideas to try. The pieces are all reused to create each model, so they can be made over and over again and you can even investigate with your own designs.

This is a really comprehensive electronics set with so many good ideas, we were really impressed by the range of designs that you can make. Well explained and great fun.

  • There are so many different projects
  • Each product really works
  • The instructions are interesting

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