Smart Farmer Thinking Game

Can you organise the farm?


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A Smart Farmer is one who can manage all their animals, knows exactly where they live and can complete the challenge!

The latest game from in our amazing logic and thinking range is Smart Farmer. There are 60 challenges to complete – start off with a simple grid with horses, sheep, pigs and cows, but they need to be carefully kept in their own fields! The fencing will do this, but only if you put it in the right places! Can you solve the challenges to keep them all safe and well kept?

We love the pieces in this game – really cute animals and a board that is fun to play with. They have made the first few levels really easy to allow everyone to get the hang of the game and get started before the challenges get more complex, introducing water troughs that mean you can have to think even harder about where to put the fencing.

A terrific one player game that everyone will want to join in with!

  • The animals are really cute
  • The challenges make you think
  • They can work through them at their own pace

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