Smart Phone Movie Maker

Make your own movies and then project them with this clever lens kit and guide to movie making.


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If you have a budding movie director at home, this has everything you need to get started. Become a movie maker with your smart phone and then put on a show!

This ingenious box actually transforms itself into a projector. Just open the front and turn the cover backwards, insert the lense that is supplied and then put your own smart phone of any make inside and you have your own cinema!

But there is more! This is not just about making movies, it is about making the best movies possible! Included in the box is a fantastic book on how to make your movies. It explores different genres, ways of getting your characters to tell the story and gives tips on storyboarding and editing. There are even pop corn holders to make for the show and tickets for the opening night!

We love the thinking here – great design with ways of bringing children into the process – look out Hollywood – here we come!

  • The projector works really well
  • The audience will be at their mercy
  • They can use it over and over again
  • The instructions are really well written

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