Giant Snakes & Ladders

Give a classic game a new twist with this 3D version of snakes and ladders – who is going to get there first?


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Giant Snakes & Ladders – a classic, but with a twist!

It is a lifelong, worldwide favourite – surely we have all played this at one time or another. But maybe not in this way! This large game features five different levels – you need to build the board which has ladders to climb, and most fun, bottomless buckets which if you fall through them, take you back down again.

The board is made from sturdy cardboard and can be built in just a few minutes and then dismantled to put it back in the box. Designed for 2-6 players, this gives a new twist to a firm favourite and makes the whole game just that little bit more dangerous – just how far will the balls fall?

We love the idea of taking this game and making it new again. Everyone is going to want to play it!

  • Getting to the end feels like a real achievement
  • The pieces are great colours
  • The board is easy to build

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