Snow White Story Telling

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Snow White Story Telling – tell your own version of this classic fairy tale.

If you love this story, bring it to life this wonderful storytelling set. Inside the box, you will find a simple retelling of the story with lovely illustrations. The box folds out to become the dwarf’s house and there are cut out figures to press out and turn into 3D puppets. Now you can retell the story in your own words, add in new sections that you think will add to the story or even make stop motion animations.

We love the detail in this set – all the characters are there including the wicked queen and all the dwarfs. It is a great opportunity to create stories and use imaginative language.  A lovely set.

  • The story can be told again and again
  • The characters are so well drawn
  • They can make their own versions

Here is our video showing the box in action:

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