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Spiders – not everyone’s favourite, but fascinating and now you can build your own!

Frequently mistaken for insects, the spider—an arachnid—is often misunderstood. This new book explores the spider’s important role in our ecosystem, along with fun facts about different species, their anatomy, the history of spiders in culture, and much more.

Alongside the book is a wooden model of a black widow spider to build – easy to do, the pieces just slot together with no glue required, and it can be painted as well to make it really look like it should. The perfect book for a child who loves all things that scuttle and move and perhaps has a friend or relative who is not quite as keen!

  • They can build and decorate their own spider
  • The book is full of amazing information
  • They can tell other people, who perhaps don’t want to know, all the wonderful facts!

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