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The Spiral Art Dresses set will bring a joyful activity from our own childhoods.

If you remember ‘Spirograph’, then you are close with this project. Each spiral is created by drawing with the help of a wheel and a frame – as your pen moves around the circle, you will create an amazing shape that can be used in a design and coloured to create your patterns. However, there are some amazing improvements on the original idea. The set comes with a magnetic backboard, so that the frame and your picture stay exactly where you want them to, with no annoying drawing pins to try and use. Also, they have created some beautiful designs as backgrounds and the set also comes with a set of five pens with great colours.

A lovely technique to learn that can be applied to so many different design ideas. Spiral away!

  • They can create wonderful patterns
  • The equipment is perfect for the activity
  • The pictures look stunning

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