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Suited – if you think you are good at card games, here is one that will get everyone thinking differently!

Suited features all four of the normal card suits, but each one appears in four different colours, blue, orange, red and green. On your turn, you play 2 cards – the first has completes the challenge set by the previous player and the next sets the next challenge. With 12 symbols on each card, you are asked to find combinations of colours and suits to fit the criteria. However, some cards are more difficult to achieve and you may want to keep these until you are in a strong position or you could loose the lot and pick up all the cards!

A great game for someone who has mastered simple card games and needs a new challenge and one that the whole family will enjoy together.

  • There are so many possible combinations
  • They can be sneaky and play to win
  • They can make up their own versions to add to the pack

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