Whirligig Toys - Sunken Treasure Exit Game

Sunken Treasure Exit Game

Can you solve the puzzle of the deep?


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The Sunken Exit Game is a great challenge. Use your skill in solving riddles, cracking codes and identifying clues to find your way out of the exit room…before it is too late!

Exit Room games bring together so many different aspects of play – problem solving, thinking ahead and looking out for the misinformation are all essential to escape the room. Presented as a game for one person or a group to play together, this game has a clever code wheel that contains all the answers if you can just work out what the questions are that you need to ask!

We love the intrigue in these games – great for a family that loves to play together or someone who wants their own personal challenge.

  • There are so many different clues to work through
  • The setting information really gives a sense of the situation
  • When you get the result at the end of the game, it all makes sense!

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