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But how do they stay up and what are they built from? Super Structures has all the answers!

Ever wondered how these wonders of modern engineering and architecture actually stand the test of time? Here is the answer – and something to investigate as well. Looking at super structures from around the world, including the Golden Gate Bridge and the Eiffel Tower, this fascinating kit explores how each of them have been build, the forces that are at play and the materials that have been used. The best bit is that in the back of the box, there are 10 different buildings to put together. The box itself is part of the design, forming the basis of the structure, with strong card pieces to join together and reuse to build each of the models.

This is a great way to investigate just how things are built and stay together. We are really impressed by just how many different models are included and the quality of the instructions. A great present for someone intrigued by the world and its buildings.

  • There are so many models to build
  • They can investigate how everything works
  • The ideas are explained really well



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