Tallest Tower Smallest Star

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Tallest Tower Smallest Star – a pictorial compendium of comparisons.

Have you ever want to know how the dinosaurs compared to the pyramids, which birds can fly the fastest and which animals would win in a race against the traffic? There are so many questions to ask and this fascinating book has all the answers as well as many that you haven’t even though to ask about. Each page is covered with detailed illustrations, bite sized pieces of information and all the statistics that you need to really show you know about this subject. Explore the pages about mountains and reefs to show the greatest lengths, compare and contrast sea creatures and chart the history of the whole universe.

There are fabulous displays of information to get lost in here, each beautifully designed to suck you in and fill you lots of knowledge and even more questions. Perfect for someone who just needs to know everything – the whole family will learn something new.

  • There are so many questions to answer
  • Each page is a fascinating display of information
  • They can create an amazing family quiz with the information

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