Temple Connection Game

A 3d puzzle challenge


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Each temple has is a special place to visit, but how do you get to each one? Time to build a Temple Connection!

This is a logic game with real thinking required. Each of the challenges, and there are 80 of them to work through from easy to expert, requires you to set up the board to look like the picture. There are then a series of roads, bridges and pathways that can be used to connect the temples together. You might need to connect the ground floor with the top floor or just move from one area to the other – your job is to use the pieces to make the connections.

The board is made from sturdy plastic and all the pieces fit really well into the grid – very satisfying! This game is about trial and error – there are so many possible ways to move around but which is the right one?

A great game for someone who loves to find a solution and one that will be great to win against the grown-ups who will find it far more difficult than the children.

  • The idea is great and the pieces look like real temples
  • The first few levels are easy to crack
  • There are lots of challenges to work through
  • They will have fun showing adults how to solve the problems

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