Think Words Spin

Speed wins every time!


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Think Words Spin – the fastest thinker will win.

This word game will get everyone in a spin! Start by positioning the letter cards around the ring so that everyone can see them – they are different colours and that is important. Spin the question box – it will go quite fast, meaning that nobody can see the question until it stops. When it does, match the letter it points to with the colour of the question and be the first to call out the answer to win the card, e.g. the question says ‘Something tasty’ and the letter it points to is S, the player could call out ‘Satsuma’ and win the card. Play more rounds – the letters will make it different every time.

A good family game that involves quick thinking, vocabulary and reaction – great for taking away as the game is really compact.

  • The game is different every time
  • Speed wins
  • They can make up their own rules to extend the game

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