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The piggies have built their happy homes, but the wolf is out to get them. Can you help? Three Little Pigs – we need to keep them safe!

This is a great thinking game that builds on the classic story to turn it into a challenging game. The box comes with a beautifully illustrated book that tells the story in pictures and a board that has cute rubber pigs and of course the wolf. Your job is to place the houses into the puzzle so that the pigs can play in the garden. However, at night, the pigs want to hide in their houses to keep them safe.

With 48 challenges to work through which get progressively more difficult, this game brings the story to life and gets children thinking. Using their spatial awareness and problem solving skills, each challenge can be solved to keep the piggies happy.

We loved the quality of the play pieces and the instructions which are very simple and easy to get started with. Fascinating to watch children playing this.

  • They can enjoy a story they know in a different way
  • The pieces are fun to play with on their own
  • The challenges start off easy to solve to give them confidence
  • The story book let’s them tell their own version of the story

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