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Tiny Ice Cream – the perfect way to create miniature delicious treats!

This is just an amazing product! A set of real ice cream making tools – in miniature! You will be able to measure out your ingredients in tiny wee spoons, churn the ice cream, make miniature waffles to turn into cones and ice cream sandwiches, and experiment with different flavours.

The hamsters are in charge! The hamsters invented all the recipes and show you how to make your baking work with wonderful illustrations. The end products are just lovely – tiny little delights that everyone will be so impressed with! A great one for those on a tiny diet!

The set includes a tiny ice cream canister, dasher, lid with crank, tiny silicone waffle cone molds, tiny waffle cone and bowl shaper, tiny ice cream scoop, tiny spatula, tiny ice cream bowls, cone holder, tiny mixing bowl, tiny mixing spoon, wee-spoons and foldout recipe sheet. There is even a tiny ice cream truck and menu board to create so that you are ready to get your business started.

A wonderful present for someone who wants to try out something new – we think that the big children in our shops are going to love this one too!

  • The tools are so cute and really work
  • The recipe book is amazing – great ideas and very clear
  • You can make tiny ice creams!!!

Here is a video to show you more:

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